FLISAC – Apartamenty Powiśle

Flisac powiśle apartments

Flisac is an exclusive apartment building, located in the prestigious part of the Warsaw’s Powiśle, next to the Copernicus Science Centre. Modern architecture, elegant facades and high-quality finishing materials make Flisac stand out in the skyline of the city built by the Vistula River.

We provided residents with bright and spacious apartments of various sizes (from 32 to 250 sq. m), foyer with a reception desk, green recreational space with a panoramic terrace on the roof of the building, as well as a range of amenities that ensure the high standard of living. The building has an underground garage, bicycle racks, 24-hour reception, quiet elevators constructed by a reputable manufacturer, energy-saving lighting, beautifully finished corridors and monitoring system.

The residential part starts from the first floor, while the ground floor has multiple commercial premises designed for boutiques and cafes.


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